MORS Training

Why is training from a licensed MORS trainer required?

MORS is simple to use once a basic understanding of the principles has been developed. Training is required because the MORS asks users to subscribe to specific, non-traditional definitions for certain words (like risk and engagement) and relies on a specific process/logic model to come to an accurate rating.

Are there other more advanced MORS trainings?

Yes, please read more about them at the Training and Resources page.

How much does MORS training cost?

MORS training costs vary. More information about costs is available at the Training & Resources page or by contacting us.

Is in-person MORS training the only training option?

An eLearning training is in development and will be available to programs who have had at least one in-person MORS training. The eLearning option will be a tool to train new staff and provide refresher training as needed.

Can I become a MORS trainer?

The option to become a Licensed MORS Trainer is most appropriate for large systems looking to train more than 500 users on the MORS. Please read more about this option on the Training and Resources page. To discuss this option please contact us.