MORS Report Generator (MRG)

The MORS Report Generator (MRG) provides a simple means to input, store and analyze MORS data. The MRG has a variety of tools that make it easy to manage MORS data and to evaluate the effectiveness of mental health programs and systems in promoting the recovery of the individuals they serve.

Installation & Setup

After an MRG license is purchased (see Costs below), installation starts with a quick download from the software developer’s website.  The MRG can be installed on a network and accessed from multiple computers on that network for no additional fee.  The software requires that all staff persons and programs administering the MORS be entered into the application during setup and prior to entering any MORS ratings.  Client, staff, and program information are all entered only once, and then the MRG is ready to use.  Technical support directly from the software developer is available every step of the way.

Data Entry

The MORS ratings themselves are the only data entered on an ongoing basis. Data can be directly entered, imported from MS-Excel files, or linked to other MS-Access based program and databases to share data.


One of the most helpful features of the MRG is its ability to create reports that are filtered by client, staff, program, or MORS rating. The MRG provides two basic ways to view the Milestones of Recovery data:

  1. The Annual Report – This report allows the user to select a given period of time (a particular month or a particular quarter) and then shows all the MORS data in the preceding year leading up to the selected period. For example, if the user selects December, 2008 as the current month, all MORS data from December 2007 through December 2008 will appear in the Annual Report. These data can be viewed by each individual client or in the aggregate as well as through a number of filters such as staff person, program, and stage of recovery.
  2. The History Report – This report allows the user to view the progress in recovery of their clients at various periods since their enrollment in the program. Regardless of the actual date of enrollment, it uses the MORS rating done during the client’s month of admission as the baseline rating and then reports all ratings done at 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 months since admission.


The MRG also allows reports to be viewed as line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts when applicable to give users simple ways to look at and analyze MORS data.

MRG Costs

The MRG is sold by MHALA at no cost, however there are fees associated with technical supports.  The fees are per license and is $1000 per license and an annual fee of $500 (after the first year) that provides access to updates and ongoing support. The program can be networked so you can have unlimited users entering data and accessing the reports.  To determine how many licenses you need and learn more about the MRG please Contact Us.