How was MORS created?

The Milestones of Recovery Scale was created in 2002, by Dave Pilon, Ph.D. and Mark Ragins, M.D., both from Mental Health America of Los Angeles(MHA).  The idea for MORS grew out of a 1997 workgroup assembled by the California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies (CASRA) that was made up of 50 individuals who identified themselves as consumers, family members, mental health program staff and program directors.  The group’s task was to try to identify important indicators of recovery.

After many meetings filled with lively discussions, the group participants came to a conclusion: individuals in the recovery process could be assigned to clusters based on their level of risk, their level of coping skills and their level of engagement with the mental health system.  They also concluded that an individual’s movement from cluster to cluster could be seen as a description of “the process of recovery.”

Five years later, Dr. Pilon and Dr. Ragins, both participants in the CASRA group, expanded on the group’s conclusions by developing the Milestones of Recovery Scale.